Deep Tissue Massage

The main goal is to relieve chronic muscle tension.

Deep tissue massage is a massage that works not only the superficial muscles in the body, but also deeper muscles and fascia (connective tissues that connect the whole body). The main goal is to relieve chronic muscle tension, but many people also benefit from restored joint mobility, improved posture, deep relaxation and stress relief. Those who are accustom to receiving massage, who like the feel of deep pressure, who like to actively participate (movements like bending a leg) in their session, or athletes, will also appreciate a deep tissue massage.

A deep tissue massage is very complementary to Swedish massage. The intention is to identify the contracted tissues and then act directly and precisely on them, breaking down the adhesions (knots), realigning muscle fibres and restoring circulation. The movements performed are powerful, slow and deep, and I use elbows, forearms, fists and knuckles as well as stretching, depending on the area of the body to be worked. The variety of techniques makes your massage specific and focused, and allows me to reach difficult to access areas and target areas of persistent tension.

At times, some people may experience discomfort when working over tight areas, but it should not be painful, and I will always ‘check in’ throughout the session to ensure the treatment stays within your pain comfort level.  Drinking lots of water after a deep tissue massage is advised to flush away metabolic waste. There may be stiffness or soreness following the massage, much like after a vigorous exercise session, and should subside within a day. You can feel pretty zonked out afterwards, so take it easy after your session!

For best results and your wellbeing, talk to me about a ‘treatment plan’. Although you might leave my clinic with a great sense of relief, chronic muscular pain is almost never resolved in one 60/90 minute massage. With multiple or regular massages, we will also discuss selfcare and exercises for you to do at home between your massage sessions. I offer package prices for this very purpose!

Prices :

Each massage is adapted to you within the time allowed for the appointment. So whether you have a particular area of tension or would like a full body massage, the price is based on the duration of the massage.

45min | 55€
60min | 65€
90min | 90€
120min | 120€

5 x 45min | 250€
5 x 60min | 300€
5 x 90min | 425€

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