Sports Massage

Supports athletes in leisure or professional activities, reach and maintain their peak performance!

Sports massage uses a range of advanced muscular massage techniques and approaches to help athletes and active individuals prepare for sporting goals/events, reach and maintain their peak performance, help to avoid injury, and be primed mentally.  Just like how you consider your energy intake, hydration levels and rest as part of your 'training programme' massage can play a part of that programme too with strategically timed sessions before, during and after your sporting event and training sessions.

The competitiveness of sports demands that massage services continually advance to help athletes be at the cutting edge of their sport, and so the field of 'sports massage' is ever changing and adapting, and with a huge spectrum of approaches and techniques.

What to expect from a sports massage at MOTIF Massage?

  • Detailed discussion about your specific sport and your training programme, including your sporting ergonomics, equipment, repetitive movements and main muscle groups used, previous injuries, areas of muscular tension, range of mobility, etc
  • Session with an analytical and holistic approach by a practitioner who is considering muscles, fascia chains, soft tissue and movement patterns
  • A wide variety of advanced techniques

What are the benefits?

  • Reduces muscle tension and increases range of motion
  • Promotes relaxation / mental and physical preparation
  • Helps athletes monitor their muscle tone, specifically with unilateral sports and repetitive actions
  • Helps recovery by reducing muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Helps prevent injuries when massage is incorporated into training regularly

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Prices :

Each massage is adapted to you within the time allowed for the appointment. So whether you have a particular area of tension or would like a full body massage, the price is based on the duration of the massage.

45min | 55€
60min | 65€
90min | 90€
120min | 120€

5 x 45min | 250€
5 x 60min | 300€
5 x 90min | 425€

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