What is Massage bien-être?

In France, massage intended for relaxation and wellbeing is called 'Massage bien-être', and can be practiced by non-physiotherapists. There are TONS of styles and techniques from all corners of the world that fall under this broad title.

Why have a massage?

Relaxation - Special Event - Muscle Tension - Self-care

Whether you live in the Tarn or are visiting Albi and the ‘golden triangle’ (Cordes, Gaillac, Albi) on holiday there is always a good reason to have a great massage!

Regular Visits – Many people incorporate massage into their health and wellbeing lifestyle, taking benefit from regular relaxation and ‘me’ time, helping to ease physical discomfort, and proactively countering everyday stress in life. For regular customers I offer prepaid packages of 5 sessions at a reduced price.

Post-Training or Pre/Post-Event Massages – Training for an event? Just completed your PB! Have a massage to help you to relax and get into a positive and focused frame of mind, or help ease your aching muscles after your achievements!

Special Treats – No time to relax! Need to unwind, calm your busy mind and feel nourished. Having a massage is a great way to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and bring you back into balance as a whole person.  This is your treatment, your space and your time to relax.

Gift Cards – Offer someone the gift of massage. Gift cards are available from Gift Shop, or you can contact me directly. Choice your card to match the occasion – Christmas Deco, Relaxing Massage, Hearts.

Mobile Massage Service – I offer a mobile service for those who would prefer a massage in the comfort of their own space – at your home, select hotels, chambre d’hôtes and gîtes. This option can be organised alongside special events, such as a hen party.

Ready to book a massage?

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