Leg Massage for Athletes

Just like how you consider your energy intake (eating), hydration levels (drinking) and rest (off days) as part of your 'training programme' massage can play a part of that programme too with strategically timed sessions before, during and after your sporting event and training sessions.

Massage During Training Programme

  • will help you 'feel' what's happening in your body, where you have soreness and limited movement, and allow me to make a general assessment as to muscular tension, compensation and alignment patterns which all inform our massage treatment plan for the session and future sessions, and can inform your training programme too.
  • is the perfect opportunity to do targeted (sometimes intense) work to release tight muscles and 'knots', and leave you time after the session to get over the 'soreness/fatique' (like after a good workout) experienced from the massage.

This kind of massage can be done anytime during your training programme until about 4-7days before your event. Multiple/regular sessions will be less painful and help you maintain the benefits longer.

Massage Pre-event

  • is intended for the period where you are tapering down your training, and would be light and relaxing, and focusing in stretching and loosening up any remaining tension.
  • would avoid any work that could result in residual soreness on event day!
  • could include deep tissue work if you know your body well and how it responds to massage.

Book this session 1-2days before your event.

Massage During Event/within 24h Post Event

  • can be part of your warm-up, quick and not too deep, to stimulate and increase circulation and get you pumped for your event
  • can also offer relief mid-event/game by targeting kinks and stiffness, and enabling you to finish the game/event
  • is sometimes offered in a 'tent/stand' after an event, and is a great opportunity to have a brief and light massage designed to flush out metabolic waste and reduce the impact of DOMS (les courbatures)

If you are an organiser and want to include massage services please get in touch to discuss how I can help!

Massage Post-Event

  • will be best to wait at least 24 hrs after an event, especially an endurance / long distance event as your are likely to be too sore for a deep massage
  • will be adjusted in terms of pressure/techniques depending on your muscle fatique and soreness, and it will definitely help with your recovery

Book this type of massage to take place at least 24hrs after your event.