You may be reading this before having a massage, and that’s good! It will give you a bit of a heads up about some of the things that you can do for yourself after you’ve had your wellbeing massage at MOTIF Massage, and hopefully you can plan these ideas in and around your treatment.

Drink Water
There is a massage myth that circulates about how water helps to flush out the toxins that are released in the body from a massage. Well it’s not exactly like that, but in any case... making sure that you are drinking sufficient water and staying hydrated after a massage is always a good idea and can be refreshing!

Now that your muscle tension has been worked on and a good amount released from the massage, it’s a great opportunity to do what you can to maintain that suppleness; regular stretching is a successful tool to add to your routine to help you stay at your best. Think of the muscles that get the tightest the fastest... Doing static (classic) stretches gets best results on warm muscles, so after a shower or exercise. After your massage at MOTIF Massage I will be able to discuss specific stretches for you to help you with your problem areas and demonstrate to make it crystal clear.

Wrap Up and Stay Warm
Quite simply, a massage helps your body to relax, as you relax your body systems work differently, and your blood pressure can often lower, thus reducing your body temperature. So bring along a scarf or a cozy sweater to pop on after your massage.

Feel...and listen...
After a massage you may find you have been reconnected with some parts of your body, mind and spirit that you had forgotten about, or the release of your tight muscles might make you feel different – lighter, taller... , emotional and teary... embrace these feelings and let them inform you. These feelings are all very normal and common after a massage. Massage can have a positive effect on many aspects of your being, take some time to embrace those effects, think about what they might mean and how it could influence your next massage or life in general!

Take your time
If you can afford the time, take some extra time after your massage to relax even more, allow the benefits of your massage to last longer. Read a book, have a casual walk or a warm bath.

Have a light meal
Try to avoid having a heavy meal directly after having a massage, your body already has lots of things to process after a stimulating massage. So take it easy at lunch/dinner, your body will thank you!

Avoid those nasties...
You know the ones – caffeine, cigarettes, sugar, alcohol or drugs...

And if you are reading this before your massage here are some pre-massage tips!
Take some time before you arrive! Have a warm relaxing shower, start the process early. If you are thirsty have a sip of water, but not too much. Try to eat your meal a few hours before, or if it’s just before the massage keep it light. Enjoy your massage at MOTIF Massage!